Know Your Teachers

The ASEAN Managers Microinsurance Course will be handled by expert teachers from the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Impact Insurance Facility and the Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific, Inc. (IIAP).

The ILO Impact Insurance Facillity enables the insurance industry, governments, and their partners to realize the potential of insurance for social and economic development. It brings to the table years of experience in managing insurance innovation with 60+ partners, connections to an extensive network, a qualified technical team, leadership in customer-centricity, and the largest one-stop shop for inclusive insurance know-how.

It has established itself as a critical knowledge and capacity building center, and has developed a wide range of tools for improved practice, including face-to-face training courses and the first-ever e-learning course.

The ILO Impact Insurance Facility follows an integrated approach in building capacity, working at both the global and local levels and bringing these two together to make its efforts more sustainable and with the highest impact.

At the global level, it is developing an executive education course on inclusive insurance in partnership with a world-renowned university.

Depending on the context, the ILO Impact Insurance Facility enhances its training activities with other interventions such as fellowships and coaching, knowledge sharing and peer exchange activities, and intense dialogues among key stakeholders. It works hand in hand with other international players on the ground to ensure alignment and coordination of all efforts geared towards developing inclusive insurance markets.


The ILO Impact Insurance Facility’s training courses have been carefully identified and designed based on a thorough assessment of practitioner needs.The course leverages the wealth of knowledge the ILO has amassed from its years of experience working with partners globally.

All courses are delivered by top-notch trainers using adult learning methodologies that have proven to increase knowledge retention and encourage immediate skills application. They use a careful combination of cases, group discussions, lively debates and learning exercises, role plays and games, with lectures kept at minimum. Action plans are embedded throughout the sessions for quick reflection of how lessons can be applied to the actual work environment of each participant.

The ILO’s approach to training has been lauded both by training participants and local trainers who undergo its certification programs.


The importance of continuous education and training is bigger than one can imagine. It is the Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific Inc.’s (IIAP) reason for being. The IIAP knows that there is no better way to learn the ropes than from those who teach through hands-on experience. Therefore, it makes it a point that its faculty is composed of professors and speakers who are practitioners in the insurance industry.

The IIAP also conducts special seminars on trends and developments in the insurance industry with lecturers from various countries who are experts in their fields of interest.

It also believes in research as the torch that lights the way to constant improvement. Thus, it makes an effort to develop subjects that help upgrade the practice of insurance in Asia and the Pacific.

Because it believes that looking ahead gets the industry ahead, the IIAP strives to continuously learn about current developments and anticipate new ones in the field.

The IIAP has been chosen by the Asia Insurance Industry Awards as Educational Service Provider of the Year awardee. The award recognizes the standard of excellence the IIAP has constantly pursued and sought to provide the industry.